Saturday, October 18, 2008

Possibly Too Big Baby Hat

Based on CH's excellent example, when I went to knit a baby gift for my housemates, I went with the umbilical cord hat.

I had some really lovely Knit Picks Shine skeins that went to perfect use here. The yarn is a cotton/modal blend that is machine washable and suuuuper soft and shiny and just lovely. Went with #2 double pointed needles for the actual work, and it looks like it might be too big for a newborn? Let's examine the scale of the hat as compared to a pot of Lush lotion.


I'll probably gift it anyways, since it's pretty and hey, who really needs uber warm, close fitting hats in California anyways?

This hat also satisfied a bit of my urge to revisit stranded knitting. The lace has been great, but somehow a fall chill in the air makes me long for layers of colorwork in sweaters and hats and mittens.

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HEB said...

I'm reasonably sure that this will be a good size for a baby at some point, even if it might be too big for a newborn. Babies have darn big heads.

And my standard baby hat is knit on #6s. I'm impressed that you broke out the #2s.