Wednesday, October 1, 2008

knowing knitters pays off

So my office is totally freezing. I've learned to bring scarf/shawls and wrap myself in them. But I still had a major problem: my legs. It's still too warm outside to wear hose, but I get serious goosebumps inside. Luckily, KZ has me covered, with my excellent leg-warmers (circa holiday gift season 06). I tried them out today. And it was the first day that I didn't think about how cold my legs were. It was amazing. Serious boost to my productivity! Even before I discovered this application, I've found these leg-warmers to be ridiculously useful. This makes me think that I should knit them for others and spread the joy.... For now, these are staying in a drawer in my office, ready to fight the too-cold airconditioner at a moment's notice. KZ, thank you for perfecting your purling skills on these beauties.


Valerie said...

are these the last minute knitted gifts leg warmers?

kzwick said...

Glad they are coming in handy. Val - they are last minute knitted gifts, but the time estimate is totally crazy - just in case you're hoping to make them in 4 hours.

Elizabeth said...

I won't lie. I'm super envious.