Sunday, October 26, 2008

live from princeton

well i've been on crochet hiatus for a while, but at the urging of the out of control knitter, i did some crocheting while watching television last week. the highlight is that i actually finished something and thanks to the conveniently free "puvisitor" network, i can show you sooner than later.

It's very simple, all single crochet around, but as you all may remember, i have a tendency to not complete crochet projects (see the various incomplete stars, scarfs, etc). so this is technically the first item i've ever crocheted. it's always good to have a tangible result.

it's the same colors as the star blanket that was in progress and abandoned, i still had the yarn leftover. it's a christmas hat.

and if it doesn't work as a hat it can always be a bowl

but for now i'll try it out (or more likely pawn it off on some kid at church). Or i can walk around the hood of brooklyn looking mean in my christmas hat.


HEB said...

Is that your "I learned crochet on the inside" smile?

It's a pretty nice hat, though. Looks like you're on your way to some pretty decent holiday presents. I'm not sure whether I'm offended what I assume is your description of me. If you were on Ravelry, you'd understand that I'm comparatively well within control.

Valerie said...

just to support rj's description, i once gifted HEB a copy of "meditations for women who knit too much". some people smoke weed, others are alcoholics.... heb, you are a fanatic knitter. all in all, i can't really think of anything it's better to be addicted to.

Elizabeth said...

I do love the hat/bowl combo gift.