Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fabric over yarn

I have discovered that perhaps I am more of a sew-er than a knitter. While knitting projects consistently make me want to pull my hair out, I have made two baby quilts, a lap quilt, and one baby dress in the past few months with more or less only joy.

My mom gave us her old sewing machine. It's the sewing machine she got for her 21st birthday, and it is pretty much a case study in how things used to be built to last, and today things are built to break. It's solid metal, and has yet to be serviced in all its years. It still works like a gem! After we figured out how to thread it (a very complicated process, that I often still need a picture to guide me through), Samir and I tried some simple stuff. Thus our quilting hobby was born. We used to fight over sewing machine time, but the novelty wore off and now we're okay.

I can't find my pictures, so instead I'm posting a picture of one of Samir's quilts. (He is even better at quilting than I). He made this hanging quilt ridicluously quickly, and we're hanging it in our office, which is painted a light green that the striped fabric picks up on very nicely. Samir made up this pattern based on the striped fabric he liked, and I was highly impressed by the finished product.


HEB said...

Hmmm.... while I'm not sure how I feel about the title of this post, I do love seeing this quilt and hearing about your new crafting endeavors! It's perfectly lovely and I hope to see more quilts on the blog soon!

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, quilting! Yes, less see more pictures of other sewing projects.

Several of the knitting blogs that I read post about cute sew objects, and I've noticed a large proliferation of knitters getting into weaving as well. Someone should pick up that skill.

We could also use a group spinner, if anyone is interested in applying for the position. ;)

kzwick said...

val - this is great. Also, my parents gave me a sewing machine for channukah but as i currently am in law school and in a tiny tiny apartment, i have not yet begun to sew. I have lots of cute fabric though, and high ambitions. so, thanks for this adorable idea generator.

Churchma said...

My eye is drawn to the wonderful striped tail to the left of the quilt. But I really do think cats prefer knitting to quilting.