Monday, April 20, 2009

this post brought to you by many proxy purchases

Now that they have all been gifted, I can finally post about a series of wristwarmers that I knit this winter. They were for some dear friends from law school under the theory that fighting the man is easier when your wrists are warm. (We'll ignore the fact that one of those dear friends is, actually, the man, but, you know, less so than under the last administration. And she was finally transferred to the division that she actually agreed to be in, so now she's the man who prosecutes corruption within the man.) Ideally, they would have made it to this group's mid-January reunion, but a few other knits took up the space in my queue during the months prior. But everyone loves getting packages in the mail, right?

First up: for the friend who's fighting teen dating violence despite the best efforts of non-profit bureaucracy, Easy Lace Fingerless Mittens knit in Plucky Knitter Merino Cashmere Nylon (MCN) Worsted in Vito. (Mods here) Next on line: for the friend who's fighting the creation of a 180-page Constitution that actually reduces rights held by the people, a pattern of my own design in Plucky Knitter MCN Fingering in Riverview Drive. (Rav details here)
(Her wristwarmers are fingering weight because she's dividing her time between the States and the much warmer country where they are considering adopting that Constitution.)

For the friend who's fighting snarky questions from Posner on oral argument, Evangeline knit up in PK MCN Worsted in Montgomery. (Rav link here)
And for the friend who's fighting 200-page memos to help inform the decisions of the highest court in her state, the worsted-weight version of my wristwarmer design and a hat designed to match in PK MCN Worsted in Nectar and Well Read, respectively. (Rav links here and here)
(It was also her birthday, so that's why she got a hat, too.) Well Read has to rank high on my list of favorite colors ever, even though it's not in my usual range. It really looked like the leather on an old book and I couldn't get my camera to capture the pure glow of the yarn. Thinking about it right now, I'm still a little amazed that I managed to ship that hat away from me.

I had a lot of fun designing these patterns and am planning to publish them at some point. The fingering weight version is in the process of being test knit right now, thanks to a wonderful Raveler.

I'm incredibly grateful to EW for the proxy purchases responsible for three of the skeins of yarn represented here. Since she knew I was hunting PK MCN Worsted for this series, she kindly purchased Vito, Nectar and Well Read on my behalf at PK updates that I could not make. Thanks, EW! Way to be!


Elizabeth said...

I only bought well read because it was worsted MCN too! We would never have known of it's true glowy beautifulness if you had not needed lots and lots of worsted.

(And yes, Well Read is just about the most amazing yarn EVER. It seriously glows. I continue to not believe how gorgeous it is.)

kzwick said...

(1) Nice button.
(2) I like how the last picture is essentially a camera wink.
(3) I want to know who goes with some of those jobs.
(4) I think it likely that you could make more money selling a book of hand patterns than you will make as a lawyer (at least of your current kind).
(5) Thank you for giving me a procrastination device.

HEB said...

(1) Thank you. Not as pretty as the one you found, but, you know.
(2) I hadn't thought about camera winks but am now thinking about how I could include one in every picture of knitting that I take. Fantastic idea, KZ.
(3) I don't feel comfortable posting names since they are not members of the blog (although some of them feel comfortable posting pictures of me on facebook so maybe I'm being too sensitive) but here you go:
(a) You had brunch with her at that popover place.
(b) The Saturday before I graduated, we left that party to walk to her apartment to try to convince her to come back to that party.
(c) Can't actually remember you ever meeting her (unless you two talked at my first DB concert), but I left for her wedding after visiting you in NYC at the end of last August.
(d) I gave you her email address so you could email her about her clerkship interviews at her state's supreme court.
(4) Probably says more about my current career choices than those patterns, but thanks?
(5) My pleasure. Thank you for the delightful comment.