Saturday, April 11, 2009

it all makes sense

So I'm typing this post from a brand new MacBook. It was time for my old computer to be retired: it served me well, but has earned itself a break. (Sometimes when I'd turn it on, it would only let me type in reverse: "gmail" would show up as "liamg" and the only way to fix it was by cutting and pasting. It also could only get through about 10 minutes of any video before overheating and turning itself off.) But, even though I'd reconciled myself to the necessity a few weeks ago, I was still sad that I'd be saying goodbye to my old one. And I thought that I was being totally irrational, until I noticed a striking similarity between my computer and other things that I like.

My latest swatch for knee socks was my first clue:
Some other examples:

Suddenly, it all made sense. And here I pretend that I don't have a consistent favorite color.


Valerie said...

lover-ly!! that is a fabulous favorite color to have. i had a similar "favorite color by deduction" situation maybe a year ago, when i realized i was consistently buying (or wanting) things of a certain purple shade.

i am confused by the toshiba in the picture and the macbook descriptor. does it run windows or mac stuff? is macbook a more generic term now?

Valerie said...

oh yes, and the backwards typing is hilarious. aggravating to no end i'm sure to you, but just hilarious to me the reader.

HEB said...

"favorite color by deduction"! I love it!

The Toshiba in the picture is my old computer, which I have learned is my favorite color, and I am thus sad to see it go. The new MacBook is a bright, shiny silver: no blue-green in sight.

The thing about the backwards typing is that it literally only happened when I turned my computer on in the morning (and usually only when I was especially tired and cranky) so I don't think that I ever appreciated the humor of it. But some of you may have noticed that I'm not really a morning person....

Elizabeth said...

Yes, the pretending has been amusing me for some time. Happy for the new computer, even if it isn't teal!

kzwick said...

i am not sure what I am more jealous of - the new mac book or those amazing gloves.