Sunday, April 12, 2009

A little bit of gift knitting

My little sister can be hilariously (and sometimes annoyingly) demanding, but in this case, it worked out for her. I started this cowl without a clear idea of who it would go to, and then happened to be knitting it when visiting my sis in February.

The Plucky Knitter, Merino Seacell in Elegant Elephant
Chickadee Cowl

She went on about how she wanted the cowl and I should make it for her, and then proceeded to knit about 10 stitches herself. Of course, I couldn't convince her to try using the linen stitch the pattern calls for, but since by that time I'd decided she had picked out her birthday present, that was just fine.*

The linen stitch is a new fav of mine, and I highly recommend it. It's super easy, which made this perfect bus and awkward-break-between-classes knitting. Just cast on however many stitches you want, and then
R1: knit 1, slip one with yarn in front (repeat)
R2: slip one with yarn in front, knit one (repeat)

And repeat! Gorgeous and genius.

The little guys nestling into the cowl are Trilobites, and I love them. I should crochet little whiskers to make them more authentic, but...well, I don't have a crochet hook. Whoops!

I also have to preview the other project I've been working on, the Mother of Pearl scarf by Grumperina in my Hear Me Now Plucky Knitter MCN. (You remember.)

I cannot describe how much I love this project. The yarn becomes more gorgeous every time I pick it up (which, seriously, how is that possible?) and I so so love how it works together with the pattern. The way this picture glows (at least in my eyes) really expresses the essence of this scarf. In fact, the only negative that I recently realized is that eventually the yarn will come to an end. I found myself rather distraught and have been creating other knitting distractions in the hopes that I can just knit this forever.

And then, a funny FO picture. Yay!

*May this be a lesson to you all: I am highly suggestible.

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HEB said...

Not that the pictures aren't fabulous, but, you know, for the record, both of these are 10 gazillion times lovelier in person. There's something about how they catch the light that is just unbelievable. Way to put pretty yarn to fantastic uses, Wamps!