Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby's dress

Continuing my sewing, thought I would catch you up on a project I did a few months ago. This was my first little dress I made, for my niece. I forgot to take pictures before I sent it and had these emailed, so they don't have closeups of all the details I would like to show off, unfortunately.

From the front

And the back. One of my proudest things was the zipper down the back that you can hardly see here. I was very happy with how it turned out given it was my first zipper.

I continue to love to sew, but I also plan on doing some more knitting, so perhaps my posts will be more on topic. I'm making a re-make of the baby blanket I posted a few months ago. The sex of the baby is undetermined, and I'm trying to choose colors now. Suggestions? I love most colors, so choosing two is always difficult.


Hazel's Mommie (aka liz) said...

ooh, colors for gender neutral - orange and yellow. they have such fun shades and patterns these days!

HEB said...

I love seeing your sewing adventures, and hope that you will continue posting them even when you're back to knitting. There's something about these sewing posts that has been so enjoyable for me-- probably partially because I know that I won't ever get to see cute things that I've sewn.

I think that bright colors defy gender norms. I would do either a bright green/pink (like your last blanket) or a bright blue/purple combo and say that any baby would be stylish with that.

Elizabeth said...

Seeing pretty fabrics put to good use does make me awfully happy, so I'm also glad you continue to post your sewing successes. This is a super cute spring dress!