Monday, June 29, 2009

A little knitting, and life

I don't have any new knitting pictures (mostly because the light is on the wrong side of the street by the time I get home these days) but there's nothing much new to share at any rate.
  • I'm one and a half socks down on this project, and pretty excited about finishing these up and....casting on another pair of socks?! Crazy, but I kinda think so.
  • I did cast on for the honeybee stole, but I got about 2 repeats in before I got sick, and my arms are still tired at the thought of working on that shawl.
  • I thought I was nearing the end of another project that I've purposely taken no pictures of yet, but then I did some measuring, and it turns out that I'm maaaaaaybe halfway done. Whoops! Better get to knitting.
The good news is that I have a nice 15 minute bus ride (seriously, shorted commute ever) in which knitting happens.

To make up for the lack of knitting pictures, here are a few from a recent trip I took into King's Canyon with my brother and sister.
John Muir called this meadow the jewel of the Sierra. It was pretty amazing.

As was the brown bear my siblings and I saw on the way TO the meadow. BEAR!!!

But nothing was better than the bear cubs. Wild baby animals that could kill me! YAY!

Under the cut, some random iPod whining:
I updated my iPod with new music last night (Regina Spektor! old/new M. Ward!) and created a few new play lists for work. Very exciting! But then today, while at work, I find that the device won't recognize any of my music. This is pretty disheartening, but after some extended Googling when I got home, I found I could open up some hidden folders and copy the music to my hard drive, and then could do scary "restore" things to the iPod. Rock! But then more confusing technical things happen, and that doesn't work. The files I could once see disappear, or claim to be missing. They're still on the iPod. An iPod music copying software thingy can see it, but the act of copying just doesn't work.

Le sigh.

It's my own fault, I know, for not backing up my music, but oh lord, the thought of digging up my CDs from the basement and then putting them all back on this computer fills me with dread. And I'll still be missing some key emo tunes. Tragedy! Ok, thanks for letting me vent, knitters and crafters. I'm going to go knit out my sorrows now!


HEB said...

This post makes me absurdly happy, even if it does not include that much knitting. To me, it more seems to exemplify the knitting way of life. Which has a lot of room in it for beautiful trips to the Sierras.

And baby bears! So cute! I may or may not be the same person who told a friend while hiking in the Shenandoahs to not be a jerk-- or perhaps a more strongly worded version of that idea-- and stay away from the baby bears that could kill her while she tried to get a close-up picture. But that was only a few days after the Bar. I may or may not have been high strung. And now I can see how purely adorable they are.

I wish I had good advice to give about the iPod. I'm sorry, kid.

Oh, and you can make me socks next!

HEB said...

PS: What emo are you missing?

Elizabeth said...

To defend my interference with baby bears, we were on the side of a vehicle road and I used my digital zoom to get these pics.

Emo: Bright Eyes comes to mind, but there's likely a whole host of others.

Absurdly happy: YAY.

CH said...

Beautiful scenery and baby bears, sounds (and looks) like it was a great and much deserved trip, Wamps!

Churchma said...

I accidentally erased everything on my ipod when I changed computers and after much angst and several false starts succeeded in restoring all the music files from my old computer to my new one. If I could only remember what finally worked, I'd tell you. I think it involved copying all the files to a new folder before importing them to the new computer, and then to iTunes, and finally to the iPod.