Saturday, June 6, 2009

gettin' organized

This morning, I celebrated the almost-end of the HPS school year, with its accompanying light at the end of the tunnel, by taking stock of what I want to knit this summer. Or, more precisely, what I want to finish knitting this summer. Since I always work better on deadlines, here are my self-imposed summer knit goals:

End of June:This knit has lingered for at least a year. But if I don't finish it soon, I will no longer have enough yarn to make it the appropriate size for the recipient. I finished the back last year, and you can see above how much progress I made on the front, so the end of June is a reasonable goal. As long as packing up my apartment doesn't get in the way.

End of July:
This is a design project that I'm working on. There's not much left to go, but it's at a point where it requires brain power to figure out what to do next. I'm hopeful that by the start of July, I'll be de-frazzled enough to do so. Since EW is helping me test knit it, if I can finish the design by the end of July, it will give her time to finish the test knit by the end of the summer.

Mid-August:The droplet hat for my KAL with CH. I think I could actually finish this one sooner, now that I've found my copy of Knitting Nature, but am going with a conservative estimate since I currently can't find my 8s and need them to knit the rest of the hat. They'll turn up in the move, I'm sure. But that means that there's still plenty of time for others to join in the KAL fun. CH, can you post some inspirational progress shots? (Or finished shots?)

End of August:I've picked my theme for Christmas gifts, and even decided what a few of those gifts will be, so it's time to get a head start on them. I'm aiming to knit two this summer, and one of those two will be with the yarn above.

Ongoing:Taking on this project was a perfect example of my knit hubris. (Along the lines of the I-can-knit-a-baby-sweater-in-a-week hubris. Except, oh, 10,000 times worse.) In retrospect, I should have done the math first. But, now I have done the math, and have a plan for finishing it. If I knit 3531 stitches every month for the next 12 months, I will only have the edging left to do. Luckily, I'm at a point in the pattern where that works out to about one row every other day. Which, come on, I can do *that*, right?

And my save-my-sanity cowl will, I'm sure, grow a little bit this summer.

What's going to wait until the fall:
1/ Two baby sweaters for co-workers who just gave birth. Both are sized to wear in the winter, and I already gave them other gifts. I hit a rough patch with one of the sweaters, so I'm just going to let them wait until the fall.
2/ A February Lady Sweater that just needs the sleeves. I pushed through the body of this sweater in early April, but haven't worked on it since. I'll bring it back when it's sweater weather again.
3/ My Lace Shawl KAL with EW. We decided that we'd do a KAL of different patterns after I accidentally peer pressured her into buying yarn that I already had. (Option #1) Sorry, kid. It's not that I don't want to work on our KAL; it's just that I think I can only pull off knitting one thing for myself this summer and my KAL with CH started first.

Alright, since school isn't actually out yet, it's time for me to return to the non-knitting world. What goals do you all have for this summer?

PS: Oh, and check this out. Who's submitting what? I'm thinking Bourbon Slush.


Valerie said...

what does KAL stand for?

and WHAT is that last project? I think you need to re-think it and QUIT IT! there is no way knitting 3531 stitches a month will be fun.

i wanted to send you a link to convince you to quit a hubris-inspired project, but can't currently find it. but seriously... quit it!!

Valerie said...

found it...

read "the green afghan". i think you can read it all just on the amazon "look inside".

HEB said...

KAL = Knit-a-long. Want to join in the hat one? You'll need a warm hat for trekking between Boston and Philadelphia next winter.

"I have absolutely no explanation for why I chose to make this behemoth so big, except that I really love my brother and sometimes the expression of love in wool needs to be a little oversized. Also, I may be insane."

I do own that book (you've hooked me on the Yarn Harlot) and that story (especially that quote) is pretty much exactly on point. By now, that project is so late as a gift that I'm sure the recipient has forgotten that it's coming, but I know that it will be loved so I don't want to give it up. If I can't keep pace for a few months, though, I may have to use the Yarn Harlot's solution.

Elizabeth said...

This post is too awesome for me to respond to in a comment. I kind of need to post another blog entry to really respond. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with what I think is Barton's Cottage! Also: you're other projects.

Oh, and your abandonment of our KAL. I still need to start that shawl. It's intimidating...