Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is this lace?

I've blogged lots of pictures of this project, just because I love it so. But, I finally blocked my Fathoms Below, and have to share the finished product with you all.

Designed by grumperina as the Mother of Pearl scarf, and knit with my birthday Hear Me Now pluckyknitter yarn, I really wanted to keep knitting this scarf forever.

The yarn was so soft, and every stitch brought a new color, and as winter melted into spring and spring into summer, the changing light changed the elements of color in the yarn and seeing them come together in this pattern made me incredibly happy.

Mine isn't as long as grumperina's, but I love it muchly nonetheless. (But, is it lace? I need outside advice!)


HEB said...

I think that it's lace. I mean, it's definitely lacey, right? The edge lacey-ness is what makes it lace to me, but, as far as I'm concerned, there are definitely enough yarn overs there to have it qualify.

HEB said...

Oh, and taking another look at this post, I'm totally struck by how lovely your photos are. Fabulous composition and I really like the way the background colors work. Nicely done, kid.

Elizabeth said...

Hahaha. I heart you so much! Seriously.

Elizabeth: *whiny*
HEB: *Overly complimentary.*

I actually was really pleased with how the old shed/thing appeared in these pics, but thanks for saying you liked 'em too!